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The answer to all your life's questions is hidden in your soul contract. Decode the 7 categories of spiritual growth using Hebrew Gematria and unlock deep understanding and healing in your life.

Facilitate Spirital Growth

Unlock deep knowledge and wisdom hidden within your soul's blueprint.

Navigate Life's Complexities

Acquire your life's map and go forth boldy with a compass in hand.

Enjoy more fullfillment

Experience your path to enlightenment quicker and more gracefully.

What is a Soul Contract?

We are divine spiritual beings, that have human experiences.

These intense experiences and emotions we each go through, are organized by our soul’s counterparts (Also known as a Soul Contract). When you raise your awareness/ consciousness to the height of your souls vantage point, deep understanding and healing will take place. This will allow room for better choices leading to fulfillment, a sense of purpose and understanding which leads to less mental and emotional pain.

Why do Soul Contracts matter?

If you have ever wondered how to develop yourself, this is the session for you.

  • We are here in the human mind-body to awaken
  • We are brought here to cultivate wisdom and love
  • We must become enlightened to invite the higher self into the third dimension.

Master the inner you now.

Intuitive Readings

Price Varies

  • 15 - 60 minute session
  • Love & Relationship Reading
  • Ask questions about life, career, and interpersonal relationships
  • Get meaningful answers and gain insight to your queries
Soul Contract Reading


  • 60 - 90 minute soul analysis session
  • Complete 7 category soul reading
  • Gain insight on career, talents, love, and karma
  • Remove unwanted ego programming
  • Personalized results based guidance from your higher self
Divine Alchemy Healing

Price Varies

  • 60 - 90 minute Alchemy Healing Session
  • Remove unwanted mental programming
  • Remove limiting beliefs, negative emotions and traumas
  • Illuminating shadows of disempowering beliefs/behaviors and transmuting them
Soul Contract Reading Testimonials

What people say about the sessions.

Omie Spirit was amazing! Never have I felt more awake and free. I love how I was easily facilitated to shed any negativity from previous traumas. I would do this atleast once a month! It's so worth it!

Amanda Pine

Soul Contract Reading Client

Omie has done several readings for me. All of which have left me in shock with what she knew about my life, and the knowledge she brought to the table. She’s talented in what she does and can help guide you through any situation you’re in, with grace and love. Never forgetting to remind you that you always have free will to choose and the ability to change an outcome. Don’t second guess booking her… SHES AMAZING!

Desiree Valentine

Soul Contract Reading Client

had my very first name analysis with Omie! She did a excellent job explaining it to me and helping me understand how it plays out in my life. I gained a lot of good insight into the way my life has unfolded and how to be aware of certain traits. It was a lot of information to take in so I am grateful to have the recording to go back to and refresh my mind. Overall Omie gave me an insightful and uplifting experience. I will definitely be getting another reading!

Kaiva Rose

Soul Contract Reading Client

Getting a Soul psychology Reading has helped me see my flaws and has encouraged me to improve how I value myself as a man and as a father.

David Camacho

Soul Contract Reading Client

I have met Omie on occasion at social gatherings. It was not until I had a private soul reading did I realize how talented she was. I was amazed at her insights, and attention to details in her presentation of materials that she gave in a reading. Omie uplifts, and brings forth her knowledge that enriches all elements of the human spirit. It was a wonderful experience to which I thank her and recommend anyone to have an opportunity for Omie to share her gifts with them on their Spiritual journey.

Diana R.

Soul Contract Reading Client

Expand your consciousness with a soul contract reading.

With this map, you will get much better results in your personal and professional relationships. Will you take the first step in mastering your soul's purpose?

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